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Weather is located in the South of England. The Weather is an important influence on when and how you choose to barbecue. Most people are going to wait for a warm sunny day. That is great and if this website helped give them the courage to try then that is even better. If you really have a longing for some really good BBQ you are not going to be so worried about the weather. If the weather is not your usual barbecue weather there are some extra considerations to help achieve the best results you can.

Rain - Usually a barbecue killer but with a covered area there's no reason to be put off. With a little planning look where a tarpaulin can be tied up so as to provide some shelter. Make sure it is a tarpaulin or other cover is at a safe height and that there is plenty of ventilation.

Cold - It isn't going to be too difficult to cook in the cold. You will need to take some practical steps to ensure that the temperature of the barbecue is sufficiently high to be able to cook. If it is a very cold Winter's night then chances are that cooking with the lid on the barbecue and the use of some extra charcoal will be enough. Opening the vents will encourage more heat in the barbecue so if you have been cooking Low & Slow with the vents closed half way, or more, you may need to open them up a little more than in the summer.

Wind - If you are cooking with a barbecue that has a lid then the hardest part is going to be getting the charcoal lit in the first place. A starter chimney will help tremendously as you can put this somewhere sheltered. If you can move your barbecue to a spot out of the wind this will help too. Watch the temperature of the barbecue on a windy day, you may have to take steps to cook a little bit hotter. Some extra charcoal will help.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, even if it looks good outside now. A summer shower can come on quickly but a little preparation will make a big difference. I look at the weather forecast often and use it to help me plan what I will cook. If it is going to rain I will fix a tarpaulin up over the top of a parasol. Dry days are perfect for sitting with a Low and Slow pork shoulder. Because a large piece of meat will take time to defrost, assuming it is frozen, make sure it is taken out of the freezer in plenty of time. If the weather looks great and the meat won't defrost in time either buy something fresh or cook something different.

Some weather forecasting websites can be found in the BBQ Links page.

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