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Barbecue Stacker

This page is written in a slightly different way to the rest of the website. Just to be clear, the Barbecue Stacker was borne from an idea I had. I liked the idea of rotisserie and I wanted to be able to convert my kettle in to a smoker. I had tried smoking food in my kettle such as pulled pork but it took quite a lot of intervention and time. My rotisserie was great, cooking in front of the chiminea was simple and easy. Then we took on two young Labradors and this became a really battle of wills and required a constant vigil. What could I do to solve this problem? A bit of prototyping lead to the Barbecue Stacker.

By adding additional clearance to my kettle barbecue lid I tried beer can chicken. I was really pleased because it was on a par with rotisserie chicken. I cooked it again a few days later to check it wasn't a fluke. It wasn't. Moist delicious chicken cooked like this exceeded my hopes and it was so easy.

Next, it was time to try converting my kettle BBQ to a smoker. Who doesn't like some low & slow ribs, brisket or pulled pork. The whole smoking process became easier. Temperature control was simple and there was no need to regularly turn and rotate the meat. That was something that I needed to attend to every 45 minutes or so before. Now I can watch the temperature and if it goes up, I know I need more water, if it goes down I need to check the charcoal. It's as easy as that. Compare this pulled pork technique with the method used before and I am sure you will agree. I explain my low & slow technique.

On occasion the space in my BBQ just wasn't enough. I wanted to cook different things too. I wanted to roast potatoes to go with the beer can chicken. I wanted to make a cake to have after I had roasted some meat. The additional grill gave me that room.

Of course, I am evangelical about my Barbecue Stacker and I trust that you can understand why. You don't necessarily need one but if you want to try new things and make it easier on yourself, why not?

The official website for the Barbecue Stacker is where you can find out more about them and order yours. I'm sure, in time, you won't be without yours either.