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Potato Recipes

You can even barbecue potato.

Baked Potato

Flavoursome crisp skin, delicious


  • 1 baking potato per person
  • Salt and pepper

Cooking Method

  • If you are roasting then put the potato on the barbecue, away from the heat, for an hour before testing, turn half way through
  • Alternatively; Microwave the potato until cooked
  • With 20-25 minutes cooking time to go put the potato near nut not over the heat
  • Turn after 10 minutes
  • Rotate if necessary to add even colour
  • Remove and leave to rest for a few minutes
  • Add butter or your preferred topping
  • Enjoy

Roast potatoes

Crisp and golden finish, make sure you cook plenty


  • Enough potato to meet the meals requirements

Cooking Method

  • Set up the barbecue for hot roasting. And peel the potatoes
  • Cut the potatoes into pieces bigger than a golf ball but not as big as a tennis ball
  • Place the potato around your meat and cook for an hour and half. Use some goose or duck fat if you have it or some vegetable oil
  • Turn the potatoes half way through the cook
  • When the potatoes are done they will be soft all the way through, serve immediately