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Pork Recipes

Pork is one of my favourite meats, it is very versatile and can be cooked in many ways.

Pork chop

Plain or with some Jerk seasoning, the crisp skin is irresistable


  • 1 pork chop per person
  • Jerk seasoning or any other rub

Cooking Method

  • Set up the barbecue for grilling.
  • Rub a liberal quantity of Jerk seasoning on to each side of the chop
  • Put the chops on to the grill skin side towards the heat just around the edge of the charcoal, once the barbecue is ready, put the lid on it it flairs up
  • Turn the chops after 15 minutes, you can see the skin change colour as it cooks. Wait for the skin to cook and blister before turning
  • Turn the chops again after a further 15 minutes when the skin appears to be cooked through
  • If the chops are large you may need to rotate the chops so the skin faces away from the heat
  • If you have had to rotate the chops turn them regularly keeping the skin away from the heat
  • When the chops are done, serve immediately