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To be able to barbecue you really don't need much to produce good BBQ food. A barbecue, of course, some charcoal, a match, a pair of tongs or a fork and something to cook. You don't need gadgets, BBQ gizmos or any other paraphernalia that is supposed to make your end result better. The reason is that you, perhaps with a little help, are more than capable of producing great BBQ food. Later, when you decide to try low and slow barbecue techniques you will need a few items to help you. You might need a new barbecue or just a couple of pieces of hardware.

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Whilst my favourite piece of BBQ equipment is my Weber kettle barbecue, there are other barbecues too including grills, gas barbecues and portable barbecues. If you haven't already bought a barbecue this is a guide to BBQ types and a great place to start and learn more about what you can do with them.

I certainly wouldn't be without my Barbecue Stacker. Since coming up with the concept a few years ago I have found the additional versatility that this provides for me is something I couldn't be without now. I can convert my kettle BBQ to a smoker, cook more at the same time and with the added lid clearance I can cook larger items like a beer can chicken. All of which was difficult or impossible with the standard kettle barbecue.

Something that I know I enjoy nearly as much as my guests is rotisserie chicken. It took a while for me to develop the technique that I use. The chicken is always moist, fall apart tender and tastes great. If you'd like to experience this, and I think you might be salivating at the prospect, I will tell you how I do that.

As I said before, great BBQ doesn't need many tools but there are a few useful ones that will help you along, especially if you try some more advanced cooking techniques. On this page I want to let you know what I think is useful to have and some things to consider.

And lastly a barbecue care guide. It isn't difficult, you aren't going to get dirty but you are going to have a barbecue that lasts a long time and that produces some of the best BBQ you've ever had.