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What is is the first choice simple BBQ technique resource written as a 'how to' BBQ guide to help give the first timer or novice barbecue chef the confidence to try BBQ, and more detail for those with experience. Many people think of BBQ as burnt food that is frozen in the middle but it doesn't have to be that way. Simple BBQ is a web site full of information on how to BBQ; techniques that can help you produce some of the best BBQ food you have eaten and yes, it will be cooked entirely on a barbecue.

The pages here will give you as much guidance as you need, but for the best results read through the whole thing, don't just dive in looking for the secret of how to BBQ. Great BBQ is the result of a few simple key steps. BBQ is rewarding and when you have it figured out and you too will want to become evangelical, or at least I hope so, about what BBQ should be and how it can be simply achieved.

The most common barbecue question? How do I light a barbecue?

I've been asked "How do I light a barbecue" so many times. That's great news because I know that someone wants to give barbecue a go. Result! There are a couple of ways to light a barbecue and I have created a page with videos to show you how to light a barbecue.

Other barbecue questions

A well known celebrity chef who loves barbecue, even owns a barbecue restaurant, always recommends you cook your food in the oven and finish it on a barbecue. This is not BBQ. That's cooking in the oven and finishing it on the BBQ. There's no need, you can cook anything you like on a barbecue. I explain the simple techniques to achieve this through the website. I've also compiled some frequently asked barbecue questions, with answers. Find out why you don't need to cook your food in the oven first and answers to other common BBQ questions in the BBQ Frequently Asked Questions BBQ FAQ.

Simple BBQ 1, 2, 3

Simple BBQ has comprehensive advice, the how to BBQ guide if you wish, which will take you through all that you need to know to achieve great barbecue. And of course keeping it simple.

Simple BBQ 1, 2, 3 is a section of the website aimed at first timers, giving simple how to guidance to barbecue some crowd pleasers. Practice these first before inviting your friends and family over. Try them out moving on as you feel that you are learning and understanding more. This is a great place to start. When you've done these a few times ask a couple of close friends or neighbours to join you, don't be tempted to ask everyone you know straight away. The philosophy for this website it Simple BBQ. The techniques learnt here will let you BBQ anything you want.

Barbecuing isn't hard, and by breaking down the process in to a number of simple steps you can enjoy it too. So, why not start here?

BBQ Techniques and Equipment

Whether you are new to BBQ or not you will probably be interested to know more about the techniques of BBQ. If you are starting out there is some basic equipment you will need. As you become more accomplished you may become interested in learning about other BBQ equipment is available or can be useful.

Low and Slow

I wanted to share with you a product I have helped develop for 22.5" and now 18" barbecues. That includes Weber, other charcoal kettles and Weber Smokey Mountain. It's called a Barbecue Stacker and it increases the cooking space in your barbecue. This means you can grill more food, fit a beer can chicken (the lid on a standard kettle isn't high enough, which is a shame as it is so tasty you just have to try it) and also converts your kettle barbecue into a smoker.

The ribs I cooked for 5 hours just pulled from the bone and a piece of belly pork went stringy, like pulled pork. You can read more about cooking low and slow in the technique page

Here is the link to find out more about the Barbecue Stacker.

The Barbecue StackerBeer Can ChickenLow and Slow ribs

More on YouTube

Here's the YouTube trailer. Make sure you visit and subscribe to the Simple-BBQ channel for regular updates!

Simple-BBQ the how to Barbecue Technique Website

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time here and at the barbecue putting in to practice everything you have learned.

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A website developed through a passion for BBQ and a frustration at the lack of simple instruction. Much of this content I have worked out by myself by regularly cooking BBQ. I will BBQ at any given opportunity; Rain, snow and of course sunny summers evenings. I only put here what I know works and I push myself to perfection. I hope it inspires you to try.

Everything I try and do, I try and keep simple. That's the basis for this website, simple barbecue techniques and food. There are so many references; websites, YouTube videos and of course books. Many are good but many over complicate techniques that can be adapted in to simple process. It's my aim to help and share with you the techniques that make Simple-BBQ. I hope you enjoy looking through the website.

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